Yay Summer!!!

The year 2017 will mark our 50th year in the Breed. During those years, we have had the good fortune of owning two Top Producing Sires and a Dam in the U.S. and have produced many Labradors that work as guides for the blind, drug detection, search and rescue and therapy dogs.

We began with Ch. Spenrock's Bohemia Champagne and have built, what we feel to be, a quality line. Most important to us has been genetic soundness, breed type and true Labrador temperament.

Enjoying our dogs on a daily basis is what we love most. Everyday all dogs are walked in the open fields behind our home. They interact with each other and us doing what Labs like best: retrieving, splashing in mud puddles and carrying whatever is available. Life is good!

Thank you for visiting us. We hope you will enjoy seeing our Labrador family.


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